Module 1Welcome
Welcome to the Podcasting For DJs training kit. In the first module you'll figure out exactly what podcasting really is, why it's so powerful for promoting music and where you can listen to them. Discover why it's really important that you host your own website instead of relying on the free options.
Unit 1Welcome
Unit 2What Is Podcasting?
Unit 3Why Is Self-Hosting So Important?
Module 2Setting Up
Find out how much you need to budget for in order to create your own website, some of the different materials that you should gather before starting, and how to use free image software to create great looking artwork for your podcast, album covers, posters, business cards, or social media profiles.
Unit 1How Much Will It Cost?
Unit 2Recommended Materials
Unit 3Working With Images
Module 3Web Hosting & Installation
How to pick a great name for your website and choose the right hosting company. A step-by-step guide to registering your site, using your new control panel, setting up custom email addresses, and the best way to manage and upload all of your different media files.
Unit 1Domain Names
Unit 2Hosting Companies
Unit 3How To Register A Domain
Unit 4Your Control Panel
Unit 5Managing Your Files
Unit 6Setting Up Your Folders
Unit 7Uploading Media Files
Module 4Website Design
Everything you need to know about installing and setting up a Wordpress site for your music. Get to know the work environment and settings, learn how to create pages or posts and use plugins. Figure out how to customize the appearance of your site with design suggestions, walk-through comparisons and installation instructions. Maintenance tips, doing backups, launching your website and helpful links and resources to explore.
Unit 1An Introduction To Wordpress
Unit 2Wordpress Installation
Unit 3The Wordpress Dashboard
Unit 4Wordpress Settings
Unit 5Wordpress Plugins
Unit 6Wordpress Pages
Unit 7Wordpress Posts
Unit 8Wordpress Themes
Unit 9Music Themes
Unit 10Theme Demonstrations
Unit 11Unpacking Your Theme
Unit 12Wordpress Menus
Unit 13Widgets & Sidebars
Unit 14Theme Options
Unit 15Wordpress Comments
Unit 16Working With A Team
Unit 17How To Customize More
Unit 18Basic Maintenance
Unit 19Launching Your Website
Unit 20Moving Forward
Unit 21Helpful Links & Resources
Module 5Music Podcasting
An introduction to podcasting and RSS feeds, mp3 bitrates, and metadata. Creating the RSS feed using the template provided, updating your RSS feed to add new episodes, submitting your feed to directories, and how to share the links and promote your new podcast.
Unit 1An Introduction To Podcasting
Unit 2Mp3 File Encoding
Unit 3Mp3 Metadata
Unit 4Creating An RSS Feed
Unit 5Updating Your RSS Feed
Unit 6Podcast Directories
Unit 7Promoting Your Podcast
Module 6Maintenance, Performance & Security
Information on how to maintain your podcast and improve your website's speed and performance by optimizing images, using content delivery networks and browser caching. Find out how to make your website more secure and keep it safe from attacks by hackers and spammers.
Unit 1Podcast Maintenance
Unit 2Website Performance
Unit 3Content Delivery Networks
Unit 4Browser Caching
Unit 5Website Security
Module 7Expansion
Adding more content and improving episode pages, how to distribute new content to all of your social networks, the best way to manage your mailing list, using different types of media to drive traffic, video podcasting and affiliate programs.
Unit 1Search Engine Optimization
Unit 2Improving Episode Pages
Unit 3Social Media Auto-Posting
Unit 4Using A Mailing List
Unit 5Other Ways To Increase Traffic
Unit 6Video Podcasting
Unit 7Affiliate Programs
Module 8Resources & Useful Links
Congratulations, you've mastered the training kit! Some final words, resources for support and helpful links to learn more.
Unit 1Final Words
Unit 2Resources & Useful Links